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News & New Direction 

Greetings All!

I am posting a new song today, “River of Truth” … hope you like it.  And, in the next week or so - after final adjustments I will be posting two additional new songs, “Bag of Sin”, and “My Lord's Prayer” (although, that one is a ‘working title’).

As you can tell from the titles, 2 of 3 are leaning to the Contemporary-Christian side of the ledger.  I intend for that to be my general focus - kinda feeling the ‘call’ :) …. not to say some of my sappy-silly-love-and-heartbreak songs won't show up along the way.

I have the 3rd Floor Production Facility pretty well set up (it is a converted attic) … so, I am planning to get - and keep busy this fall!

More to Come!

Thanks - Richard


Good News … I have uploaded an additional set of 5 songs:

  • Lightning Strikes Twice (Princess Harem Queen)
  • You Can't Outrun the Rain
  • 'Till the Next Time Sweet Girl
  • Don't Worry - Worship!, and
  • Call the Ball

All songs are original compositions … please take a listen!  

Please note the song “Call the Ball” was written in 2018 as a tribute to John McCain - using a quote from his son following John's death in August of 2018, “Call the ball, Old Man, call the's a green deck for landing...”.  

John McCain - prior to being a US Senator and Presidential Candidate - was a US Navy Fighter Pilot based primarily on aircraft carriers.  "Calling the ball" is what pilots do as they approach the carrier - the "ball" assists in orienting the aircraft for safe approach & landing.  

Of course, we all should know of the fact John McCain was a prisoner in Hanoi from 1967 until 1973 ... a TRUE AMERICAN HERO!

Logon and listen!



Richard Retires from the Pesky 'Day-Job'! 

Hey All - Starting a new chapter here!  

The former Medicine Creek website is now:  

Stay tuned as I update the site's contents, develop a new business card, get a FaceBook page online, find venues to play, and start loading in new original material.

Be Safe,


Back in the Saddle Again 

Hey all ... we are vaccinated and back out on the street!  Playing this coming week at Zamboni's out at Chilled Ponds skating in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, VA ... check out our schedule page for details!

Don't Worry - Worship .... Origins of a New Song 

Hey Everybody!

I posted a new a couple new songs on the website today:  Southbound Queen, and Don't Worry Worship - which turns out to be a Southern Blues Rock Gospel song!  The history behind this song goes like this:

I was attending my local Contemporary Methodist Worship gathering on a Sunday not too long ago when we watched a Chris Tomlin video as part of the service.  In that video Chris talked about 'worry' ... and how, when you inevitably begin to wring your hands and fret over a family or other such situation ... a good thing to do - instead of "worrying" - is to instead "worship".  The Bible teaches us to avoid worry by connecting with the Lord through prayer and worship ... take a look at Matthew 6:28 - 34 ... which includes one of my favorite verses, "Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.  Sufficient for the day is its own trouble".

Anyway, after hearing Chris suggest we, "don't worry; worship instead", I immediately wrote that down in my electronic "Hook Book" for later use.  Several weeks later words started arriving in the wee hours of the morning - which I dutifully recorded on my phone while sitting on the side of the bed.  A week or so later I had a verse and a chorus - which I used as part of a submittal for a Melody Class I was taking with BERKLEE ONLINE.  The Instructor was very kind and had several good suggestions that led to final song form - which is a "Verse-Refrain, with a Repeating Bridge" (who knew??).

The Instructor's suggestions led to the requirement for a few more verses which, with a little New Testament research came together - what I thought was - fairly well.  THEN - I put together an MP3 recording and submitted to the Evaluator Staff @ NSAI (the Nashville Songwriters Association International).  The 'evaluation' came back in a few days (they are efficient over in Nashville) with a series of suggestions noting that I (among other things):

Should take care not be too preachy (f I weren't a preacher ... and, I'm not!)

Should not overuse the word "bear" when rhyming with "there" (oops - had actually used it 3 times!!!! Bad, bad, bad!)

To be fair, thankfully, all the comments were not "corrective" in nature and overall, very encouraging.

I let the evaluation "age" for a week or so - then got busy .... eliminating overt 'finger wagging' and tightening up the rhyme schemes.  I also slowed it down a tad.  What you can listen to in the MUSIC section of the website is Version 2 of the song ... navigate over to - or you can get there with - and take a listen.  I hope you like it.


While you are there, take a moment to scroll down on the HOME PAGE and sign up for the MAILING LIST.  I promise to overfill your inbox!



Michael & Richard Now Posting Original Music 

Greetings to All ... As we are no longer able to perform live due to the CRAZY COVID-19 situation, we have adjusted the website a bit to reflect our individual projects.  We hope to be posting some videos and facebook 'performances' and will keep you updated on songwriting in progress.

Recently I have been working on some Gospel tunes and completing songs that got 'started' as part online classes I have been taking at BERKLEE ... what a great series of classes they have for Singer/Songwriters!

Please everyone stay safe!

It's October! 

Ok - the Mi-Si sound-hole pick-up is now set up to use in both my Yairi dreadnaught and the 000 Wells-Freeman ... sounding great.  I will be using both guitars at the upcoming October gigs, along with a Weber Mandola and a National electric Resophonic guitar through a 68 reissue Princeton.

For the first time - Medicine Creek will be performing at the ocean front on 10/19... come on out to Dough Boy's Pizza!

Sound-hole Pickups 

Good Day,

I am currently using a Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker sound-hole pickup in my Wells-Freeman-000 and my '76 Alvarez-Yairi - I really like the sound.  The problem, such as it is, is that the Fishman wiring approach does NOT allow permanent placement / installation of the end pin with the ability to disconnect the actual pickup when not in use.  I am awaiting delivery of a Mi-Si Magpie single coil sound-hole pickup.  The pickup wiring connects to the actual pickup with a 1/8" pin - so - I have ordered 3 wiring setups and 1 pickup ... this will enable me to permanently install the end pin and wiring in 3 guitars and simply swap the pickup from one guitar to the other as necessary. THIS IS A GREAT FEATURE - I am very much looking forward to testing it out.

OF NOTE: The Mi-Si pickups are active, with tone and/or volume control, but do NOT require batteries!!!  Very innovative gear.

Check them out at

They were recommended to me by Sylvan - also worth a visit!



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