News & New Direction

Greetings All!

I am posting a new song today, “River of Truth” … hope you like it.  And, in the next week or so - after final adjustments I will be posting two additional new songs, “Bag of Sin”, and “My Lord's Prayer” (although, that one is a ‘working title’).

As you can tell from the titles, 2 of 3 are leaning to the Contemporary-Christian side of the ledger.  I intend for that to be my general focus - kinda feeling the ‘call’ :) …. not to say some of my sappy-silly-love-and-heartbreak songs won't show up along the way.

I have the 3rd Floor Production Facility pretty well set up (it is a converted attic) … so, I am planning to get - and keep busy this fall!

More to Come!

Thanks - Richard