Good News … I have uploaded an additional set of 5 songs:

  • Lightning Strikes Twice (Princess Harem Queen)
  • You Can't Outrun the Rain
  • 'Till the Next Time Sweet Girl
  • Don't Worry - Worship!, and
  • Call the Ball

All songs are original compositions … please take a listen!  

Please note the song “Call the Ball” was written in 2018 as a tribute to John McCain - using a quote from his son following John's death in August of 2018, “Call the ball, Old Man, call the's a green deck for landing...”.  

John McCain - prior to being a US Senator and Presidential Candidate - was a US Navy Fighter Pilot based primarily on aircraft carriers.  "Calling the ball" is what pilots do as they approach the carrier - the "ball" assists in orienting the aircraft for safe approach & landing.  

Of course, we all should know of the fact John McCain was a prisoner in Hanoi from 1967 until 1973 ... a TRUE AMERICAN HERO!

Logon and listen!