First version written back in the late 70s .... now updated :)


Carolina Moonshine (Ver 3)
R.C. Freeman © 2018

Left home w I was seventeen
Didn’t know where I was going
Didn’t know what I was lookin for
But my mind was set to roamin’

First stop, Mississippi
Rain and humidity- I let it be
Headed out to California
Sunshine put its spell on me

California sunshine
Mississippi rain
Carolina Moonshine
Lord, its foggin’ up my brain

San Diego was a sweet spot
Ocean Beach, put its spell on me
Oh but the good dope and the shore break
Couldn’t keep a hold on me

Headed up to San Francisco
Lookin for for Billy Jean
Yes, I found her down on Polk reet
Lord. I found she was a he

California sunshine
Mississippi Rain
Carolina Moonshine
Kept callin’, callin’ to my brain

All the tears, all the fears
Through the years, now it’s clear
Carolina is my home
Carolina’s my home
It is my home

I loved that California Sunshine
I loved that Mississippi Rain (no, I didn’t)
Ain’t nothin’ like Carolina Moonshine
When its foggin’ up my brain

Feel no pain… get on this train
Carolina Moonshine – fog my brain!