Sound-hole Pickups

Good Day,

I am currently using a Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker sound-hole pickup in my Wells-Freeman-000 and my '76 Alvarez-Yairi - I really like the sound.  The problem, such as it is, is that the Fishman wiring approach does NOT allow permanent placement / installation of the end pin with the ability to disconnect the actual pickup when not in use.  I am awaiting delivery of a Mi-Si Magpie single coil sound-hole pickup.  The pickup wiring connects to the actual pickup with a 1/8" pin - so - I have ordered 3 wiring setups and 1 pickup ... this will enable me to permanently install the end pin and wiring in 3 guitars and simply swap the pickup from one guitar to the other as necessary. THIS IS A GREAT FEATURE - I am very much looking forward to testing it out.

OF NOTE: The Mi-Si pickups are active, with tone and/or volume control, but do NOT require batteries!!!  Very innovative gear.

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They were recommended to me by Sylvan - also worth a visit!